defunkify Review

Defunkify Active WashI was recently sent some free samples of Defunkify Active Wash to try out, and ultimately I wanted to review how well i found found the product to work. Any time I test new products my main determination is to decide if this is something I would want to continue using. Defunkify has made some very bold statements and guarantees about how well their product works which I was very sceptical about. This made it even more exciting to try out the product and put it to the test.

Prior Research

Before I even recieved the product I decided to look up the company online. Upon going to their website they made some very impressive claims about how superior their products are and how they can get bad smells out of your clothes. All of their products also claim to be very enviromentally friendly aswell. The site discusses how they even test products that are on the EPA Safer Choice List before using them to make sure they are using the best options available. This is something that is VERY important to me. My wife and I regularly try to avoid products that aren’t enviromentally friendly or that we question the safety of the chemicals that may come in contact with our bodies.  Lastly the product is marked that it is made in the USA which is an added benefit.

The Test

Now for the real test. I tend to sweat a lot when outdoors so putting this product to the test was actually pretty simple. They had sent me two different products. The first was the Active watch (Pictured above) and the second was the Active Spray.Defunkify Active Spray I figured that if my workout clothes weren’t going to be enough to test this product, my shoes would be the opportunity to truly put it to the test.
The night before I was planning to test the product I washed our workout clothes with the active wash and spayed the inside and outside of my shoes with the active spray. Once the clothes were dry the next went into the dryer. Since I didnt want any other products to change the results we did not use any fabric sheets or any other products during the test. When the clothes cam out of the dryer it was a pleasant surprise to notice they didnt really smell like anything. Im sure this has other reasons such as not using perfumes to scent it, but I really liked it because some smells attract bugs and other pests outdoors.
My shoes had to dry over night with the active spray on them. One you spray the shoes the spray had a great smell of peppermint and rosemary. I was very interested to see if it was going to continue to make the shoes smell better once it had dried. They did infact still smell good the next morning after they dried.
Once seeing the products had both worked prior to really abusing them was when we got some longer bike rides in. The first was a 27 mile ride on the panhandle trail and the next day we rode 43 miles on the Great Allegheny Passage Trail. I was ready to see if after these two rides if my shoes would still smell good, and if the active wash would have the same effect as before.
After two days of riding and plenty of sweat to make sure the clothes were properly “funky” it was time to test them again. After rewashing the clothes with the detergent they once again came back out smelling like nothing. I was completely amazed at how well this product actually worked. My shoes were where I was completely amazed. I used these products on May 28, 2017, and today it is June 6, 2017. At this point in time my shoes don’t have any odor. I do not smell the peppermint or rosemary anymore, but they also don’t smell funky.
27 mile ride43 mile ride

The Conclusion

This product was very exciting to test and is something I will probably continue to purchase. The Active Wash worked exactly as it was supposed to and the Active Spray was phenominal also. To be honest, I didn’t really expect either product to live up to the hype on but they truly do. The company also has another product called Active odor shield. I did not get to try this one, but I do plan to order it also since these products worked so well. It is another product like the Active Wash that takes odors out of your clothes, but also works like the spray in keeping them odor free. Not only do I highly recommend these products, but actually had an Instagram follower comment that their son used it and had a good experience with it aswell. If you are tired of your clothes smelling funky definitely try out Defunkify.

The Disclaimer

I hope you all enjoyed this review. This review is my experience trying this product and was a non biased review. The company did send me some free product to test, but I was in no way compensated for reviewing this product. If you liked this review please be sure to share it with others, follow on social media, and sign up for our email list to the right. We never sell your info and will never spam you. Thanks for reading and until next time get outdoors and stay safe.